Required forms for Ethical Review

  1. Letter of request for review from Researcher to IREC Chair
  2. Approval forms duly signed by Unit Head after technical review
  3. Endorsement from Unit Head to IREC Chair
  4. Registration and application form and Review Checklist
  5. Study protocol assessment form
  6. Ethics Assessment Form (Health or Non-health)
    1. Health Related assessment form
    2. Non-Health related assessment form
  7. Informed consent form checklist
  8. Study protocol/Research Proposal (Chapters 1-3 and references)
  9. Data collection forms (if applicable)
  10. Questionnaire (if applicable)
  11. Diagrammatic workflow
  12. CV of PI and study team members
  13. Informed consent form (English)
  14. Informed consent form (local language)
  15. Assent form (English)
  16. Assent form (local language)
  17. Training certificate on Health research Ethics of PI and rest of study team
  18. Product brochure (if applicable)
  19. Philippine FDA Marketing Authorization of Import License (if applicable)